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Kristen & Soren

It would be hard to beat Kristen & Soren’s super fun barn wedding!  They set out to have a romantic ceremony followed by an epic party, and we consider that mission accomplished.  With tons of surprise details and music echoing out under the stars, this was the kind of wedding you wish would never end!

Photographed by Brian Clary Photography

Michael-Birch & Anthony

Wowza!  When you need to know how to translate art into a wedding, call Michael-Birch & Anthony.  These guys brought their A-game with a focus on details to die for, and we worked with them to create a ceremony that was über-custom and super approachable without sacrificing meaning.

Check out their photographer, Lindsey Thorne Photography, from Austin, TX.  She captures the soul, y’all.

Jasmine & James

Jasmine & James envisioned a sweet family wedding focusing on the life’s simple joys: good food, good music, and the warmth of those they love the most!  Kept light and bright with Tiffany blues, their spring celebration made every guest feel like part of the family!

Stacey & Jill

Stacey & Jill’s quirky union was the epitome of approachable elegance!  Pops of bright pink were anchored with classic black and white, chilled out by the poolside setting and plenty of local craft beers.  Best of all, guests were treated to the smiles of the sweet brides, who are so genuinely in love we were all practically swooning!

Photography by A Lovely Photo

Jaime & Elizabeth

Jaime & Elizabeth’s modern vintage vibe worked gorgeously in Midlothian’s farm-fresh venue, Gather.  Their romantic ceremony flowed seamlessly into a fun and festive reception featuring books as wedding favors – hand-selected for each guest personally by the brides.   What a great idea!

July 11, 2015

Photographed by A Lovely Photo

Mark & Leo

Mark & Leo’s intimate restaurant elopement was so charming and romantic!  Officiating their union was like being part of the family.  Their daughter’s bright smile had everyone in a good mood, and Mark’s parents even flew in from Paraguay to surprise him!

January 24, 2015

Photographed by A Lovely Photo