Officiating FAQ

What kinds of weddings do you have experience officiating?

I have officiated for all kinds of couples!  Same-sex, opposite-sex, a variety of gender identities and expressions, interfaith, religious, atheist and non-spiritual, intercultural, and from the very briefest ceremony style to complete, formal ceremonies.  My job is to work with each couple as unique individuals and represent them in a wedding that is theirs alone!

Can you help us find readings/music/vows?

No problem!  The choices can be overwhelming and I am happy to suggest options that will be meaningful for you and your partner.

Do you require pre-marital counseling?

No, I don’t.  If counseling would make you feel more comfortable as you enter marriage, I am very happy to refer you to a professional therapist.  Counseling is a wonderful gift couples share together, but I am not a professional counselor.

Will you marry us if we have been divorced/live together already/have children already?

Of course!  All people are deserving of love and commitment.

Do you issue marriage licenses?

No, you must obtain your license from a Virginia Circuit Court.  It is about $30.  I will fill out and return your license within 5 days of your marriage, in accordance with Virginia law.

Do you allow flash photography during the ceremony?

Yes!  Please capture your special day!

What will you wear?

I usually wear all black so I don’t stand out in your photos.  If you are having a theme wedding and would like me to dress to reflect that, I’m game!

Do we have to hire EQ to coordinate our wedding?

No.  You can hire us to only officiate, only coordinate, or do both.  It is entirely up to you!