Top 5 Ways to Include Animals (without wrangling them at the wedding!)

1. Brand your wedding with their silhouettes

An animal family member can inspire your whole event! Love greyhounds? They have regal silhouettes that look amazingly classy on invitations, menus, and more. Bird friends are super cute, and their shapes can brand your wedding into something fun and romantic. If you have lots of pets, consider using their silhouettes instead of table numbers!

2. Raise awareness and give back

Some people like wedding favors, and others loathe them. Find a happy medium by making a donation in your guests’ name to an animal rescue organization! If you really want to skip the idea of favors entirely, try including a donation option in your wedding registry so your guests can make their own contribution if they wish. You’ll be doing something that matters with a little bit of your wedding budget, and seriously, who doesn’t like animals? Nobody, that’s who.

3. Show them off!

The cake is the most-photographed object at your entire wedding. Put a tiny version of your beloved pet right on top, and everyone will know how loved they are – tiny people optional! If that’s not your thing, or you’re not having a cake, ask your photographer to include your pet into an engagement session so you can surround a guest book or other focal point with pictures of the whole family. This is really unexpected if you have snakes, lizards, or other scaly friends.

4. Be punny. Very punny.

Lighthearted couple? Set the scene with a save-the-date or engagement announcement that tells your guests to expect the fun. “We’re getting meowied!” is delightfully nerdy. ┬áIf applicable, follow it up with a Hiss & Purrs shower. Meow!

5. No pets? No problem.

If you love animals but cannot have pets for whatever reason, you can still show a love for all creatures great and small! Check around your area for well-managed zoos, sanctuaries, farms, or petting zoos that will allow you to host a wedding. They could probably use the money, and your guests will have a chance to get some awesome photos with all kinds of animals they may not frequently get to interact with!