Letting Your Geek Flag Fly

One of the best things abut modern wedding celebrations is that couples are free to express who they are and what they love – besides each other, of course.  But is it okay to include your deep love of Deep Space Nine?  Your undying obsession for The Walking Dead?

YES.  A thousand times yes!  It is not just okay to make your fandom passions part of your wedding, it’s AWESOME.  Most of the fandoms are incredibly rich in sentiment, philosophy, and inside jokes.  All of those things are perfect for creating an environment that expresses who you are as a couple.

If you want to feature your loyalties without making the entire wedding theme about a fandom, there are a few keys places and special touches that will help you create that.  If you see something here that you just have to have, never fear – all of these items are available on Etsy.  Just click the images.


The cake is the most-photographed thing at your entire wedding reception.  That makes it literally the perfect place to show your love for…well, whatever you love.  Like this Harry Potter-themed topper that evokes All Of The Feelings.

Always cake topper


Bouquets don’t have to be made from living flowers.  If one of the other loves of your life is the printed page, it can provide a classy, unique accessory that doesn’t need water and will last long past the wedding.  If nobody’s planning to carry a bouquet, consider using them on tables. This one is made from a copy of The Hunger Games. Real or not real?  Real.

Hunger Games bouquet


Speaking of the tables, they give you an awesome opportunity to set the mood for your guests.  While lots of couples go for candles because of the romantic mood they create, you can go a step further and use candles that illuminate your love for famous smarty-pants (and sociopath), Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock candle


As tempting as it is to feature The One Ring here, we’re going with these genius Star Wars bands instead.  They are way too cool to ignore, which you’ll soon see as you go into your married life with rings that make everyone rethink their own life choices.

Star Wars rings


Shoes are a favorite spot to do something cool and different.  They can perk up an otherwise monochromatic wedding outfit, and make for some rad photos.  There are versions of Tardis shoes for all kinds of people, from these stiletto heels to rubber-soled Chucks.  How do you like your Doctor Who?  As always, do you.

Tardis shoes