Challenging the Status Cake

A wedding cake is a traditional symbol of fertility and good luck.  Plus, it’s amazing and pretty much tastes like heaven on a plate.  But here’s the thing: not everyone cares about traditions – and not everyone likes cake, or sweets at all.

If a cake simply doesn’t express who you are and what you like, never fear!  Food is an art form, and there are endless ways to treat your crew to something awesome without going the traditional route.  Here are some sweet (and savory) ideas to seal the deal after the meal.

Literally a cheese cake.

If you’re more into savory treats, stacking a couple of wheels of good cheese and decorating with flowers is incredible.  It still gives everyone the chance to photograph a cake, and you can even do a cutting ceremony.  Plus, it’s CHEESE.


Yes gawd.  Most doughnut shops will gladly ice several dozen in your wedding color.  Stack them up on a couple of cake stands, and you’ll probably end up with wedding crashers.




For a luxurious wedding, or just a Mediterranean touch, go for cannoli.  They are crazy photogenic, and easy to stack into a really beautiful display.

An espresso bar.

The best thing about hiring a mobile coffee unit is that your squad can customize their treat.  Whether they like sweet or savory, an espresso service will put a smile on their face.  It may also encourage your older guests to stay longer!  If you’re going all out, do this along with the cannoli.  Yum-o.


Bubble tea.

Sweet.  Refreshing.  Awesome in every way.  And available in numerous flavors – you could even offer signature flavors that match your wedding colors.  So much yes.


If you’ve never had one of these, prepare for your new obsession.  A stroopwafel is two thin waffles sandwiching a sweet caramel filling.  They are popular as desserts or with afternoon coffee in Holland.  Not sure where you’d find such a thing in Richmond?  Got you covered.


Shaved ice.

For a warm-weather event, this is the most refreshing thing in the universe.  The e n t i r e universe.  Plus, it is zero maintenance.  The company will take care of everything, from syrups to paper products.  Just arrange for a shaved ice food truck to pull up at the right time, and watch everyone’s eyes light up.

A wedding keg.

Some beers truly drink like dessert, especially in the craft-beer-rich scene in our city.  If you and your beloved share a love of a strong rich brew, consider purchasing whatever size keg is appropriate for your guest list size.  It can be decorated just as beautifully as an actual cake, and is hella memorable.

Studio Uma kegs


Cotton candy.

This is so cute, we want to hug a puppy and cry our eyes out.  It’s fun for guests to watch sugar being spun, it’s customizable to your wedding colors, and it’s great for adults and kids alike.  Bonus points if you use a cotton candy artist!

Panna cotta.

Cool and classy.  This beautiful dessert would look fabulous as individual portions on a cupcake stand.  It’s also much more affordable than you think, if you wish to make it yourself (or have some kind family member create it).  If not, some grocery stores regularly offer panna cotta in their dessert case.  Just place an order and enjoy!

panna cotta